Solargons at Youth Camp:
Fun and Practical Group Housing

Your Boy Scout troop needs a den where everyone can get together, work on projects, share successes, and practice their skills before trying them on for size in the real world. Or perhaps your church group would like a big meeting area, open and airy, so the choir can practice, the child seniors can visit, or the kids can run around during services. Maybe your YMCA camp needs a big central lodge, or even a central lodge and smaller cabins, so that all the campers can have their own space then come together for group functions.

Whatever the purpose, your needs are similar.

You need a building which will be fast to construct, with lots of interior space but without a huge footprint. You need your building to be easy to heat and cool, provide a large, airy open area suitable for big groups, and smaller areas where your group can break off and work on smaller projects. You need your building to be easy to maintain, and cost effective to buy, build and operate.

You need a Solargon.

Our buildings are ideally suited to group activities, large or small. Our insulated structural panels ensure the building goes up fast, and provides for the flexibility to accommodate your ideal floorplan. Our super-efficient insulation and panel joining technology ensures low heating and cooling bills over time. Our octagon shape is pleasing to the eye, offers the best possible use of interior space and minimizes your exterior footprint. Inside and out, a Solargon will provide whatever your group needs.

Solargon – the ideal gathering spot for your favorite group of people.

Your Solargon Will Provide:

Fast, dried-in, enclosed structure. Less material loss through theft, and turn your kids loose at camp much sooner.

Prebuilt wall and roof panels. The Solargon’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) ensure a fast, efficient building setup. The 20’ model can be erected in mere hours; the 30’ model can be erected in less than two days. The kids won't have time to pester you with "when will it be done" questions!

Professional engineer stamped plans to speed the building permit process. Buildings for youth education and education must meet stricter codes, and our stamped plans will speed along that process.

Easy construction even in remote areas. The structural insulated panels (SIPs) can be loaded into standard family-sized trucks, and can be carried by two people. The patented connectors require only simple hand tools. No large equipment, no cranes, no power tools required. Turn the building process into a group learning project!

Cost effective construction and operation. You’ll pay less labor to erect the structure and you’ll spend less over the lifetime of the structure, than you would for conventional buildings. That leaves more in the coffers for youth functions. Or wienie roasts - whatever your group needs.

Small environmental footprint. The structural insulated panels (SIPs) are composed of renewable materials, the building envelope ensures a good tight structure, the insulation ensures low utility bills, the layout ensures efficient air movement and the building design maximizes both passive and optional active solar gain. Teach kids about green building design, while you have that wienie roast.

Excellent indoor air quality. The panels’ natural materials, combined with the open layout, help prevent mold and mildew and minimize off gassing. The tight construction blocks drafts. No formaldehyde, asbestos, fiberglass, cellulose or VOC’s are used in any of the construction materials. Let's keep our kids and our planet healthy!

Custom layouts. Each floorplan is open, bright and well ventilated, aided by the custom aircraft-grade acrylic operable skylight. Your dream floorplan is possible because the walls and roof form a structurally monolithic, load bearing shell. Interior walls are not required, thus room arrangement is completely flexible. The 30’ model has sufficient interior height for a loft, thus increasing the available square footage for your little troopers.

Quality materials and methods of construction. All materials meet or exceed standard residential requirements. The Solargon design has an ASTM class 1 fire resistant rating and a FEMA class 4 flood resistant material rating. The Solargon design was winner of the EPA’s 2004 stratospheric ozone and climate protection awards, and meets or exceeds LEED standards. Your kids will be comfy and your parents will be reassured.

Easy siting for the best views. The Solargon’s compact footprint provides the maximum amount of interior square footage with a minimum footprint. The octagonal shape allows for additional windows to be placed in any wall to take in attractive views in any direction. A great way to bring in the great outdoors.

Solar and green building efficiencies. Passive solar design and open span interior space ensures good solar gain and efficient heating and cooling. The structural insulated panels (SIPs) are built with renewable, natural materials and patented connectors wherever possible, ensuring fast erection time, airtight construction, and minimal heating and cooling requirements. Why worry about utilities when you have kids to teach?

Simplified electrical installation. Each Solargon arrives at your site with electrical chases embedded in the walls and ready for final wiring installations. Those installations are much faster than in conventional buildings. You'll have plenty of outlets for all the audio visual equipment your youth functions need, without extension cords running all over the floor.

Aircraft-grade acrylic operable skylight. Our large, centered skylight lends lighting and airflow options to your layout which conventional skylights can’t match. And the kids can watch the stars at night.

Competively priced. The cost of our high quality construction materials is more than offset by the rapid erection time and minimized utilities. So you can spend less time and money worrying about building maintenance, and more time and money on building strong young adults.

Download our Solargon Brochures

We have a pair of brochures which provide concise information and photographs of Solargon structures, along with information about our partner company, ICS-RM.

Click here to read or download our Solargon brochure.

Click here to read about the Solargon's patented SIPs which are manufactured by our partner company, Colorado's ICS-RM.

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