Visit the Land Of Solargon:
Take a Virtual Tour!

We have tried to fill this website with all the information you'd ever need - how Solargons can be used, their structural stability, their energy efficiency, their cost effectiveness. And all that is important.

But sometimes, you just want to look at something.

So we present this page for those moments when you just want to feast your eyes, and rest your brain. So, without further ado, just sit back, take the tour, and enjoy the show!

Solargon Photo Gallery
Click here for a photo gallery of various Solargon interiors and exteriors.

Solargon Floorplans
Click here to see various possible floorplans for both our 20' and 30' models, showing various 1- and 2-bedroom layouts. We've also provided floorplans for a pair of 30' Solargon models connected by a vestibule, resulting in a spacious 3 bedroom living arrangement.

Solargon Virtual Interior Tours
Click here to view 3D representations of a Solargon interior, and bath area.

We hope you've enjoyed your tour. If you have any questions at all, we hope you'll contact us.