Solargon Residential Housing:
Affordable, Comfortable and Attractive

Perhaps you’re a first time homebuyer, and you are finding the conventional residential housing options rather slim. Perhaps you have a family member that you’d like to bring home, and your current home isn’t quite big enough. Perhaps you have two favorite spots in the world and you’d like to build a second home or vacation home. Or perhaps you’d like to get out of your conventional house, with its expensive upkeep, and downsize to something more efficient.

Whatever Your Needs, Solargon Has Attractive, Affordable Answers

For the first time homebuyer on a budget, a Solargon offers an excellent combination of usable indoor space, small footprint, extremely efficient energy usage, sturdy construction, healthy indoor atmosphere, and low maintenance over time. Your lender will be happy to see such a low acquisition cost, and your builder will be thrilled to see such a simple structure. Your wallet will be thrilled to see such affordable upkeep. If you like, you can assemble the shell yourself with a minimum of training, and save yourself even more money. Affordable housing doesn't need to be boring or uncomfortable.

For the family who wants to bring a family member home, a Solargon offers the best of both worlds – your family member can have their own space, within a structure that is small enough to fit in most back yards. Your household stays intact, you don’t need to make any structural or layout changes to your existing home, and no one is stepping on each other trying to share a single kitchen or bathroom. The Solargon will require minimal up front investment or ongoing maintenance. Enjoy your extended family’s reunion, and minimize the challenges. Add-on housing for seniors or other family members can be comfortable, secure and just what your family wanted.

For those who want to build a second home or a vacation home, Solargon offers a low-cost, attractive alternative to conventional options. If your building site is remote, no other building method offers such easy delivery options as does the Solargon. Our footprints are smaller, by design, than any other building with a similar interior area. And our structural panels can be packed up in the back of a standard ¾ ton pickup truck, where other construction materials require larger panel trucks, flatbeds, and/or heavy cranes. And you won’t need a big crew of people to build it. A team of two people can set up a 20’ Solargon in a day. A team of four people can set up a 30’ Solargon in a weekend. No other building method is faster, simpler, or as spacious inside, as the Solargon. As if that wasn’t enough, the Solargons can have windows in any of their 8 walls, so you can enjoy, or shield, the view in any direction. Enjoy your favorite spot in the world without a lot of hassles. Your second home or vacation home is just a call away.

For those who want to get into a more efficient home, the Solargon's structural insulated panel construction offers some clear, and some unexpected, advantages. Of course you’ll save money right away with heating, cooling and lighting costs, since the Solargon offers super-insulated roof and walls, an operable skylight for whole-house lighting, and passive (ie, automatic and inexpensive!) heating and cooling. But that’s just the start. The open spaces in the Solargon give a tremendous amount of freedom to design your dream layout. Whether you need single-level living, extra-wide doors, an open kitchen, room for the big family dinner table or smaller spaces to serve as a den or guest bedroom, the Solargon can accommodate you and yours. And the octagonal shape means you get the maximum possible interior space with the minimum possible use of materials. Which means lower acquisition costs up front, and lower maintenance costs over time. The Solargon's ISP construction offers the best possible combination of natural and comfortable living.

For those who want to live green, the Solargon is perfect. Our solar housing options, both standard and optional, allow you to make full use of the solar power available at your site. Particularly in this age of soaring energy costs, any building that makes such good use of solar power will go to the top of the consideration list. The small footprint and octagonal shape ensure that your home meets the highest standards for efficient living and minimal impact on the land. Be living proof to your friends and family that solar living can be comfortable too.

For those who want to explore living on the frontier, either literally or figuratively, Solargon structures are modeled after the traditional yurts which have housed countless Mongolian tribes over the eons. As comfortable as those traditional yurts can be, they are also considered portable and therefore, are a bit too lightweight for many of today's housing needs. But a Solargon can give you most of the benefits of those traditional structures with a few modern conveniences - the same open spaces, the same energy efficiency, the same airy interior and efficient housing, but with well insulated walls, contemporary windows and doors, and even an operational skylight. Live on the wild side without leaving behind the comforts of home.

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Features and Benefits List

Our Solargons are packed full of standard features and benefits that most other homes can't touch. So many homes today offer a passing nod to energy efficiency and sustainable construction. Our Solargon homes overflow with these features. Ironically, we can offer these features as part of our standard package, while other developers would tack on additional fees. It is possible to have your sustainable home and afford it too. Visit our Features & Benefits page to learn more.

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We have a pair of brochures which provide concise information and photographs of Solargon structures, along with information about our partner company, ICS-RM.

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Click here to read about the Solargon's patented SIPs which are manufactured by our partner company, Colorado's ICS-RM.

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