Solargon Recreational Buildings:
The Perfect Spot for your
Hobby or Craft Activities

Do you have a hobby activity in need of a new home? You need a building large enough to host meetings, parties, team events and other group activities, But your budget needs a building small enough to buy and maintain. Your site needs that paradoxical structure that is larger on the inside than on the outside.

What you need is a Solargon.

Whatever your hobby or group needs, a Solargon will house them nicely. Both the 20’ model and 30’ model are clear-span structures, which means they need no supporting walls inside. So the floorplan can be completely open – no interior walls anywhere. The skylight will provide sufficient lighting for daytime use, and the available solar power module gives you plenty of power when the sun goes down. Even better, your construction process will be much simpler than with competitors’ conventional buildings. Our wall and roof panels can fit into the back of a pickup truck, and can be assembled in a weekend by a small crew with minimal training. No big trucks, big work crews or cranes required. You’ll be saving money before you even break ground. Those same structural insulated panels ensure excellent thermal and sound insulating properties. The operating skylight lets in plenty of light in winter, and lets out plenty of hot stuffy air in summertime. You’ll have minimal heating and cooling bills. Our rugged construction requires very little upkeep over time. The savings will continue over the life of the structure.

If you are a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop leader, or other youth group leader, your kids will find few dens better than a Solargon. The ISP construction will ensure that your building will be fast to build and inexpensive to maintain, even if your scout den is out in the wilds. The passive solar design and operational skylight will help you teach your Scouts about energy conservation and cost effective resource management. If you need open space for group gatherings, the Solargon doesn't need interior walls of any kind. If you do need smaller work areas, the Solargon's flexible layout options allow you to create whatever you need. Solargons also make excellent cabins and lodges for larger gatherings. Your youth group activities have never had such a great den.

If you're the coach or owner of an athletic team in search of a home, you'd have to look far and wide to find a home better than a Solargon. Our affordable structures can house meetings, strategy sessions, parties, or fundraisers with equal comfort. Your budget, and your team, will be right at home.

Win, lose or draw, your team will score a victory with a Solargon.

If you have a hobby, arts or craft activity and need some additional elbow room, The Solargon would be a perfect setting for your efforts. Our operational skylight and passive solar design make for near ideal indoor work areas, along with near minimal heating, cooling and electrical needs. Our ISP structure means fast construction, excellent thermal and sound insulation and minimal maintenance. All of which means you can focus on your passion, instead of worrying about infrastructure. Which is as it should be. Give your passion a worthy venue, and give your wallet a break.

If your neighborhood or group is looking for a clubhouse or community center, Solargons will fit the bill. Few other buildings offer such large interior space with such low acquisition, construction and maintenance costs. And the Solargon's small footprint can fit in almost any urban or suburban lot with room to spare. A Solargon can become your community's anchor.

If your favorite activity involves strapping pieces of wood or composite to your boots, and sliding or tromping across fields of snow, have we got the warmup hut for you. Whether your endeavors take you across frozen meadows or down black diamond slopes, the Solargon will keep you warm and dry overnight so that you can hit it again the next day. Our ISP construction can go anywhere a 4x4 can reach, at a much lower cost than other construction methods. Oh, and did we mention that heating, cooling and building maintenance will also be much less expensive? A Solargon would be a wonderful nest in the snow.

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Features and Benefits List

Our Solargons are packed full of standard features and benefits that most other homes can't touch. So many homes today offer a passing nod to energy efficiency and sustainable construction. Our Solargon homes overflow with these features. Ironically, we can offer these features as part of our standard package, while other developers would tack on additional fees. It is possible to have your sustainable home and afford it too. Visit our Features & Benefits page to learn more.

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We have a pair of brochures which provide concise information and photographs of Solargon structures, along with information about our partner company, ICS-RM.

Click here to read or download our Solargon brochure.

Click here to read about the Solargon's patented SIPs which are manufactured by our partner company, Colorado's ICS-RM.

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