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New Reduced Prices!
All pricing effective March 1, 2016.

Thank you for your inquiry about our ultra efficient green Solargons.

With the high escalating energy costs Solargon is probably your best choice:

- We were the winner of the EPA 2004 Stratospheric Ozone and Climate Protection Award. - Solargon Saves energy and reduces pollution by reducing heating/cooling loads. - Saves trees with lower lumber requirements. - No formaldehyde or VOC's - No asbestos, glass, or cellulose fibers

Please check our SOLARGON BLOG to read more about the Solargons.

The Solargon package includes: Insulated sips panel walls with conduits and boxes in place ready for electrical wiring pulls. Window and door openings are ready for your windows and doors ( you purchase these items locally ). Roof sips panels. Operable sky light. Your order invoice that we send you prior to down payment will detail all that is included with your Solargon structure.

Custom modifications, if possible, will entail engineering and added charges.

2016 Pricing And Assembly Information

20' Solargon (309 square feet): $19,900. Assembly is about 4 hours.

30' Solargon (700 square feet):
* With 08' walls: $41,900
* With 10' walls, which allows room for a loft: $45,900

Assembly is about 14 hours to three days, depending on options.

NOTE: Although assembly is not included in the price, one's labor costs are dramatically reduced for Solargons due to the quicker building times, as compared to site-built structures.

We can help you with bank financing information if you would like.

Solargon Construction Photo Gallery

One of our Solargon owners very generously decided to share his many photos of the entire Solargon assembly process. Click here for a photo album of that process, as it unfolded for his Paonia, Colorado project.

Would you like a tour?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Instead of giving you 1,000 more words, how about some pictures?

Click here for a photo gallery of various Solargon interiors and exteriors.

Click here to see various possible floorplans for both our 20' and 30' models, including a pair of 30' Solargon models connected by a vestibule, for a spacious 3 bedroom living arrangement.

Click here to view 3D representations of a Solargon interior, and bath area.

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Download Our Solargon Brochures

We have a pair of brochures which provide concise information and photographs of Solargon structures, along with in formation about our partner company, ICS-RM.

Click here to read or download our Solargon brochure.

Click here to read about the Solargon's patented SIPs which are manufactured by our partner company, Colorado's ICS-RM.

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