Solargon Structures:
Powderhorn Ski Patrol Hut

The Colorado Ski Patrol chose a Solargon structure as their newest shelter at the Powderhorn Ski Area. These photos show the construction of that shelter as well as the finished building.

Delivery day. All the building components are on the back of the flatbed.

The building goes up quickly; much faster than conventional buildings. Here the walls are already up, ready for windows, the roof and sheathing.

The windows are in, the roof is on, and the sheathing is nearly finished. In conventional construction this would have taken weeks or months. For Solargons this typically only requires a few days.

A few months later and the weather has completely changed from summer to winter. But the Solargon is warm and dry and cozy inside.

And here the Ski Patrol is already using their new building. The bright, well insulated interior is a wonderful respite from the harsh Colorado Rocky Mountains weather.

We hope you've enjoyed this tour of the Powderhorn Ski Patrol hut. Please let us know if we can answer any questions about your project!