Solargon Gallery:
A Photographic Tour, Inside and Out

We are happy to bring you these photographs of various Solargon interiors and exteriors. We will be adding more photos over time, so check back often. Each Solargon has its own webpage, with a variety of photographs. We hope you enjoy the view!!

Solargon Residence in Paonia, Colorado

This home is a wonderful example of how a Solargon can be a comfortable, environmentally responsible, attractive residence. Take a tour inside!

Solargon on Duty at Powderhorn Ski Area

The Powderhorn Ski Patrol needed a support building that was affordable, quick to build, easy to maintain and flexible for their purposes. A Solargon was perfect. Check out this photo gallery of the Solargon under construction, and in use.

We will be adding more projects as we receive photos from various owners and builders. If you would like your Solargon included in our gallery, please let us know!