Solargon Structures:
Humanitarian Building Projects

Much of this website is dedicated to the myriad ways that Solargons can serve as residential, commercial and/or recreational buildings. For 99% of the companies out there, that would be sufficient. But Solargons aren’t just ordinary buildings. And we like to think we’re not just ordinary people. See, we have a lot of hopes and plans that go well beyond just selling a bunch of Solargons.

In short, we want to save the world.

Sadly, there’s a lot of work involved in saving the world. There’s disaster relief efforts, which often require huge volumes of aid, and which occur under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. There’s social justice projects, which seek to raise up those who aren’t quite as lucky as the rest of us. There’s environmental protection, which most folks now acknowledge isn’t just about tree-hugging anymore.

The good news is, there’s a whole lot of other folks out there trying to do similar work. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all work together?

We’ve created the following pages to try to bring all these various parties together, so that we can combine forces and get some real work done. If you are working in one or more of these specialties, we’d love to talk to you and find out how our efforts might coordinate with yours.

For those of you who work in disaster relief, Solargons offer a dream package: fast deployment with minimal skills, small footprint, rugged construction, totally flexible floorplans for whatever purpose(s) your work requires, and durable materials sturdy enough for long term or permanent installment. Solargons can serve as homes, as well as small clinics, stores and schools. Help us to help you, as you work to help others get back on their feet.

For those of you who work in social justice, we fully recognize the many holes in community housing needs. The low income families who need safe housing. The community employees who can’t afford to live in the cities they work for. The senior citizens who want to live with or near their families, but don’t want typical conventional housing. The schools bursting at the seams, who can’t afford to expand. The overcrowded hospitals who would like to have outreach clinics, but have no suitable buildings to set up shop. Solargons can fit into extremely small urban lots, are fully compliant with building code requirements, and are more easily more affordable than other buildings of similar size. We're working to make affordable housing a reality, not a dream.

For those of you who work in environmental protection, we have worked hard to make Solargons as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Our building design already takes advantage of passive solar features, and are very easily combined with active solar components. Our SIPs are made from a variety of sustainable and/or low-impact materials, and help insure that our buildings use as little energy in their construction and operation as possible. Our small footprint and open layout, together with our operable skylight, bring concepts about green building techniques, innovative housing and LEED construction out of expensive showrooms and into real life. Green building methods aren't just a good idea; they're the only reasonable idea.

The More, The Merrier

We have already started forming partnerships with nonprofit agencies and corporate sponsors, to get our buildings deployed in as many ways as we can. We don’t have all the answers. But we’re working on it. If your projects could use something like our buildings, we’d love to talk to you.

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We have a pair of brochures which provide concise information and photographs of Solargon structures, along with in formation about our partner company, ICS-RM.

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Click here to read about the Solargon's patented SIPs which are manufactured by our partner company, Colorado's ICS-RM.

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