Housing For All:
A Priority For Every Community

When we first started building Solargons, we could already envision a number of ways that folks might use our structures – guest housing, art studios, vacation homes, etc. Many of those possibilities are already addressed on this website as individual topics.

But as we researched various housing markets and products, we learned of one housing issue that is already a pressing need in our communities, and which is only going to become more important over time: namely, affordable housing, and the related topics of elderly housing, universal design and community development.

These are huge topics, and as such are outside the scope of this website. But Solargon design, construction and livability/usability features were originally inspired by, and are still influenced by, many of these topics. They’re a part of who we are, and why we do what we do. In that spirit, we offer the following resources for folks who are faced with finding housing for themselves, family members, and/or community members. Of course we would love to be of assistance, if a Solargon would be appropriate to your particular set of circumstances. But here’s a whole lot more information for your consideration, from a variety of sources. Some of these links are only distantly related to our little corner of the housing world. And some of these references are listed more than once, because they span several different related topics. But they all figure into the overall goal of getting people into homes, and into communities, where we can comfortably live, share, and build better lives. Towards that end, we invite you to explore these links and hopefully, get some of the answers you need.

Research & Development in Housing Issues

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