Disaster Recovery

The world has sadly seen a variety of massive disasters in recent years, which include (but aren’t limited to):
1) the 9.1 earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia in 2004
2) the 8.1 earthquake in Pakistan in 2005
3) America’s Hurricane Katrina in 2005
4) Landslide in the Philippines in 2006
5) Java earthquake in 2006
6) The 2006/2007 Indian/Pacific Ocean cyclone season
7) The 2007 Peru earthquake
8) F4 tornadoes in various American states, spring, 2008
9) The massive earthquake in China in May 2008
10) Hurricanes in Caribbean regions in 2005 - 2008

While these events each demanded their own headlines for awhile, those headlines rarely ever detailed the work to be done in the aftermath – the houses that had to be rebuilt. The stores and schools and clinics which had to be rebuilt. The communities which had been swept away, leaving survivors behind to somehow resurrect something from the wreckage. Headlines never quite adequately express the amount of work that takes.

So we decided to do something about it.

From this point forward, part of our business will be to provide livable, workable structures to those areas hit by such economic or natural disasters. To do that, we’re going to reach out to various nonprofit aid groups, government agencies, for-profit corporations, and anyone else who wants to help us get livable structures delivered and installed as quickly as possible to these various places.

There are already a wide variety of agencies whose sole purpose is this kind of work, and they will be our first contacts in this effort. But we recognize that there are a whole lot of companies out there that are just like us – wanting to do the right thing but not sure how to translate their expertise into useful assistance. We’re going to try to hook up with them as well, so that we can all work together to help folks in need. We don’t for a minute believe this will be easy, or simple, or straightforward. But it’s a way to get materials from the folks who have it to the folks who need it, so we’re going to see how much we can accomplish in that regard.

Why Are We Doing This?

In short, because we can. The world is coming into an age of mutual awareness, the likes of which has never before been experienced in human history. We are aware of peoples on the other side of the planet who have more, or less, than we do. We are aware when earthquakes, storms, or other disasters occur, even though those events may never touch us personally. We are aware of the resources we have, as individuals and as groups, which could be useful, helpful, or even lifesaving to folks half a world away. And we want to share. But many of us don’t have the individual means to do so. Yet together, the tools and the know-how and the Will To Assist is sufficient for the tasks at hand. We merely need to act on that desire, and get that ball rolling. It is our sincere hope that we will be able to help, as often and as thoroughly as we possibly can.

Is This A For-Profit Operation or a Non-Profit Donation?

Both. There are folks in the world who want to donate time, money, energy, expertise, and/or materials. There are folks in the world who desperately need those donations. And there are folks in this world who want to do what they can to help, and have the materials and the expertise that is needed, but they can’t afford to give that away since that is their livelihood. Or they could give away some small portion, but they’d have to increase prices for everyone else to cover the cost. Our goal is to build bridges amongst all those groups of people, so that those who are willing to donate can be paired up with those who have the materials and expertise, to provide for those who need the assistance. It is the ultimate win-win-win scenario.

How Can You Help?

This is a massive undertaking, and no one company, no one agency, no one group of well-wishers can possibly do all the work that needs to be done. So, we ask everyone and anyone who can contribute in any way to please do so. We have worked out a variety of ways that you can help:

1) If you are a member of a branch office, a church group, a hobbyist club, a fraternal organization, a sorority or fraternity, consider pooling your resources and sponsoring a home for someone. Building, delivering, setting up and finishing out a Solargon is a costly endeavor, requiring thousands of dollars. We can cut our costs to a certain extent, as can the folks who will transport, install and finish the buildings where they’re needed. That’s still a steep amount to ask for on an individual basis. But put enough like-minded people together, and suddenly that amount is a whole lot easier.

2) If you are an individual, a member of a nonprofit agency or for-profit company or corporation who is looking to contribute financial resources, skills, expertise or materials, please contact us and we will help ensure that your aid is directed to the right place.

3) If you are a representative for a local, state, regional or national government, looking to contribute financial resources, skills, expertise or materials, please contact us and we will help ensure that your aid is directed to the right place.

We welcome whatever contribution you care to make, large or small, financial resources or materials or volunteer time. Please contact us if you have any questions. This is a massive undertaking, and we already know that we don’t know how much work this will really take. But the goal is worthy, the pieces are all available, and there’s no lack of people who want to help. So we’re going to try to put it all together in some useful way.

The Dreary but Requisite Legalese Small-print

We do not and cannot accept money except to directly pay for a Solargon. However, we will help direct funds to groups that we deem legitimate relief entities that will provide Solargon structures to disaster-stricken communities.