Commercial Structures:
Solargon Can Improve
Your Bottom Line

Perhaps you are a small business owner who is looking for more workspace or retail space. Or perhaps you are a landowner who would like to build a bed & breakfast or cabin rental business. Maybe you are a farmer or rancher, timberland owner or other remote business manager, looking for employee housing. Or you just need to store some equipment. Whatever your need for commercial structures, Solargons are fast to erect, rugged in less than ideal climates, affordable to operate and maintain, and secure from theft. Whatever your commercial building needs, Solargons can fit the bill. And the budget.

For those businesses which need more workspace or retail space, Solargons are a great option. Our octagonal shape optimizes the amount of space you’ll have, given the materials you’ll use in construction. Our panelized construction means that your building will go up fast, and with fewer construction costs than similarly sized conventional buildings. Our operable skylight means you’ll have more natural ambient lighting than anything possible with conventional buildings. Our open floorplan can be customized to whatever your business needs – individual offices, a nice open sales floor, meeting rooms, or some combination. And our buildings need minimal utilities or upkeep, so you’ll save money up front and over time. Solargon office space is a smart move, for you, your employees and your budget.

For those who want to launch a bed & breakfast business, or a cabin rental business, Solargons offer some compelling advantages. First of all, the Solargon’s distinctive shape and appearance will be an immediate draw for visitors. Your marketing program will start off a few steps ahead before you even get started. That same shape ensures that you can maximize the usable space inside, while minimizing the required construction materials outside. The cost of bringing your rental space in, and getting it set up, will be much lower and much faster than the competition. And that’s just the start. Our Solargons are so efficient that your heating and cooling bills will be dramatically smaller than they would with any other form of rental space. Our skylights will cheer your visitors, and cut your lighting bills. The Solargon’s compact shape allows you to fit more units onto your property, which will improve your overall income, and our rugged, easy-maintenance construction will ensure low bills for years to come. Make the most of the land you already have, with cost effective, comfortable Solargon rental housing.

For those looking for employee housing, Solargons beat all the competition in terms of real performance and livability. While the other guys might offer lower purchase prices for their units, they don’t tell you how much it’ll cost to get them on-site, or maintain them over time. Solargons win hands down on both counts – our units can easily be transported in standard pickup trucks. It can be unloaded and put together by a minimal crew with minimal training. And they definitely don’t tell you how cramped and stuffy and miserable their units are to live in – hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and goodness only knows what kind of chemicals those cheap walls are putting into the air. Want employees to be well housed, well rested, fit and healthy for work, now and three years from now? Set them up with housing that will take care of their needs, and yours. Solargon employee housing - cost effective, comfortable quarters for your business' most important asset.

If you just need an outbuilding or two for your gear, why settle for a dime-a-dozen storage unit or shipping container? Our Solargons offer you dramatically more interior space, by design, than any of those other options. Our skylight and solar power package mean you don’t even have to pay for utilities hookup – just plug in the solar unit and walk away. That’s one less bill to worry about paying. Our rugged construction, super-insulated walls and roof, and octagonal shape mean that you won’t have to worry about blowdown, snow loads, high winds or extreme heating/cooling requirements. Just store your gear, walk away and it’ll be in great shape whenever you get back. Oh, and if you’re concerned about security, you can order Solargons without any windows at all, so no spying eyes will be able to take inventory from the outside. And they’d have a heckuva time cutting through the walls to get your stuff. So why settle for a bargain storage solution when it’s only going to cost you time, effort and concern down the road? Get a Solargon, and move on with the next project on your list. Solargons offer safe, secure, low-cost storage options for whatever stuff you have.

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Our Solargons are packed full of standard features and benefits that most other commercial structures can't touch. So many buildings today offer a passing nod to energy efficiency and sustainable construction. Our Solargons overflow with these features. Ironically, we can offer these features as part of our standard package, while other developers would tack on additional fees. It is possible to have your commercial building and afford it too. Visit our Features & Benefits page to learn more.

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We have a pair of brochures which provide concise information and photographs of Solargon structures, along with information about our partner company, ICS-RM.

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Click here to read about the Solargon's patented SIPs which are manufactured by our partner company, Colorado's ICS-RM.

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