Solargon Art Studio:
Give Your Creative Spirit A Home

You need a venue for your creative talents. An art studio where you can focus on your work. A theater in the round for either wide open, airy performance space, or small intimate gatherings. Display space for craft sales, workshop area for the dustier tasks, or office space for the business end of your creative talent. And your building must offer not only all this function, but it must also be competitively priced, fast to build, easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate. But where in the world can you find such a miracle building?

Solargon offers all this and more.

Our octagon shape and structural insulated panel construction ensure fast build times, maximum interior space and minimal footprint. Our superior insulation delivers excellent heating and cooling performance, thus minimizing utility bills. Our panels also provide all the required load-bearing for the roof, leaving the interior space completely wide open. Whether you need big performance areas or smaller workshop space, Solargon structures can meet your needs.

Solargon – give your passion a home of its own.

Check Out The Solargon Features And Benefits

Our Solargons are packed full of standard features and benefits that most other homes can't touch. So many homes today offer a passing nod to energy efficiency and sustainable construction. Our Solargon homes overflow with these features. Ironically, we can offer these features as part of our standard package, while other developers would tack on additional fees. It is possible to have your sustainable home and afford it too. Visit our Features & Benefits page to learn more.

Download our Solargon Brochures

We have a pair of brochures which provide concise information and photographs of Solargon structures, along with information about our partner company, ICS-RM.

Click here to read or download our Solargon brochure.

Click here to read about the Solargon's patented SIPs which are manufactured by our partner company, Colorado's ICS-RM.

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