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What are Solargon Structures?

Solargons are octagonal buildings featuring passive solar design principles. The shape is inspired by design elements from Native American and Asian nomadic tribes, while the materials represent the latest in green building technologies. We have created structures that work with and within the environment for outstanding performance, comfort and functionality.

What is Green Building?

Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources – energy, water, and materials – while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment. This is achieved through better design, better siting, faster and tighter construction, optimized operation, reduced maintenance, and simplified removal. We have designed the Solargon to optimize every aspect of the building’s life cycle, thus maximizing cost efficiency and minimizing the environmental footprint.

Why is Green Building Important?

Because it saves you money, and it saves planetary resources, simultaneously. Conventional homes and buildings generally use a tremendous amount of energy for heating and cooling. This energy usually comes from the combustion of fossil fuels, depleting these resources and emitting greenhouse gases and pollutants. Passive solar homes, on the other hand, reduce the yearly demand for heat by a factor of 10, and reduce energy consumption by a factor of 6, thanks to the efficient use of solar energy. The more expensive utilities become, the more cost effective our cabins become. Furthermore, our open octagonal designs allow convective airflow, for more even distribution of that heat in winter, and more effective cooling in summer. As a result, our cabin's heating and cooling costs are more affordable over time than in conventional buildings. In fact, our design requires less than half the heating and cooling requirements of conventional buildings.

Visit the Solargon Blog!

This weblog tracks recent Solargon construction projects, along with commentary on related green building and sustainable living topics. Enjoy!

How Does Solargon Optimize Building Materials?

Both the construction materials and the construction process are designed to minimize setup time, and maximize the building’s lifetime performance. To start with, our walls and roof panels are made with Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) which ensure a fast, rigid, airtight enclosure. The panels are composed of an insulating foam core, with top-quality OSB skins. Both the insulation and panel skins are made from natural, renewable materials. The SIP’s provide both extremely high insulation value as well as extremely strong structures, well above conventional stud-frame insulation standards. The SIP panels also provide fast assembly. On site assembly requires mere hours for our 20’ model and less than two days for our 30’ model. The interior and exterior can then be finished with treatments of your choice. Even the octagonal shape works to your advantage. Why? It uses 20% less materials to enclose the same square footage as a standard rectangular home or building. To further simplify construction, the wall panels are manufactured with electrical chases already in place. Once the panels are erected at the construction site, wiring proceeds much more rapidly than with conventional buildings. With the addition of appropriately sized solar panels and an optional solar radiant floor heating system, heating costs and electrical bills can be reduced to near zero.

How Can Solargons Serve My Purposes?

Our 20’ diameter buildings serve admirably in a variety of ways: recreational cabins, second homes, mother-in-law apartments, art studios, ski huts, military housing, emergency housing, satellite classrooms, etc. Our new 30’ diameter building makes an ideal starter homes, club houses, recreational centers, corporate retreats and sales buildings. Each 30’ model can be attached or linked to additional Solargons for even more floorplan flexibility.

Why Should I Select Solargon?

Whatever your desired square footage and room arrangement may be, Solargon can provide, thanks to the flexible, open-span design options. Furthermore, by combining passive solar principles with an efficient building envelope, you can upgrade your lifestyle by reducing living costs and downsizing your living space while preserving a sense of openness and light.

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Click here to view 3D representations of a Solargon interior, and bath area.

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